Zero Day (5 May 2013, Sunday) 00.0 Mi_206.8 Mi/Gatlinburg, TN

Breakfast AYCE at the Bennett's BBQ--mucho gusto!
Gary "Shabby" Lloyd, Loren Haase, and Pinoy Airman
At the Bennett's BBQ eating breakfast.
NOC at Gatlinburg, TN
One of the many commercial establishments at Gatlinburg.
This one styled after Germany...
For $2 you will be able to tour the whole town for a day--TROLLEY
Gatlinburg Trolley Routes
Bad weather has a way of forcing hikers to do things.  Gatlinburg is not a planned stop since this is a tourist town.  However, it was a welcome change because Pinoy Airman had the opportunity to re-supply and got to know Gatlinburg a little bit.  Plus Shabby and Loren were the best roomies for two nights.  Pinoy Airman appreciated Shabby and Loren for taking him in.  If not for them, he will be cold, tired and wet in the Smokey's shelter and hungry.

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