Day 53 (12 May 2013, Sunday) 5.9 Mi_279.8 Mi/Tanyard Gap

AT symbols are embossed on the
sidewalks at Hot Springs, NC 
View of Hot Springs Town at Lovers Leap Rock (1682 Ft ASL)
Tanyard Gap--Green Hornet parked
with EJ and I in the background.
EJ and I racing towards Pinoy Airman.
...EJ was fast and quick on the gun.
Pinoy Airman and Sweetheart waiting for spa call time.
EJ and Sweetheart having bonding time on Mother's Day...
...Another bonding pic between Mom and Daughter.
...How sweet it is to be loved by Sweetheart!
A squirrel having a good time with the nut.
EJ at the I-40 West Tennessee Welcome Center
North Carolina side at the Newfound Gap 
Tennessee side at the Newfound Gap
EJ and I at the sign leading to the Clingmans Dome. 
EJ and I with the dome in the background.
EJ and I at the top of the Clingmans Dome.
A Cub bear seen roaming at
the Clingmans Dome Road 
Pinoy Airman spent Mother's Day with Sweetheart and his daughter, EJ.  He planned a bonding time with them; scheduled an hour spa treatment for EJ and Sweetheart at the Hot Springs Resort Cabins Campground and Spa.  After checking at the Hotel at Newport, TN, they proceeded to Gatlinburg, Newfound Gap, and Clingmans Dome in that order.  It was exhausting for all of them but it was worth it.  Tomorrow will be a zero day well planned and spent.

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