Day 57 (16 May 2013, Thursday) 17.4 Mi_317.4 Mi/Sams Gap, US 23, I-26

...another graveyard in the Appalachian Trail (AT).
The same graveyard above from afar....
The Flint Mountain Shelter; sleeps eight.
Devils Fork Gap (3115 Ft ASL), NC 212.
Devils Fork Gap from the North side of NC 212.
Mini-Waterfall at Lick Rock (4541 Ft ASL). 
Rick "BIO" Cook--sectional hiker
extraordinaire from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Harry--an 87 YO hiker from Munich, Germany
Poo Bear?  Your guess is as good as mine...
Sams Gap, US 23, I-26
The "Hungry Hikers" (12 oz burger w/ lots of fries) from
the menu of Smoky Mountain Diner at Hot Springs, NC 
Pinoy Airman with Rick "BIO" Cook and Brian Gruber
muching the "Hungry Hikers"
Pinoy Airman hiked his farthest miles in the AT today--17.1 mile.  However, he decided to come home because of his worsening knees and heels.  If not for BIO and Brian, two great hiking friends, his knees and heels would have been worse by now.  I considered them trail angels and as fate would have it--they showed up in a time when Pinoy Airman was considering whether to continue walking or take at least two zeroes in the trail.  He took the chance meeting and being caught up with BIO as heavenly signs to his dilemma.  Pinoy Airman knew that his knees and heels would only get worse and only delay the inevitable--aggravate both feet.  His body and spirit would never be here if he were erred; however, Appalachian Trail would always be here.  WE would see you next year.

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