Day 44 (3 May 2013, Friday) 7.2 Mi_196.0 Mi/Double Spring Gap Shelter

Andy "True North" from New Smyrna Beach/JAX, FL
Michael Johnson--Retired Marine Nurse/Veteran
Double Spring Gap Shelter
Doe and Bambi together...LOL!
Pinoy Airman took an easy hike today; he could have pushed some more miles...but his feet were acting up again.  He planned to take zero day on 8 May 2013 and re-supply not from Gatlinburg but from somewhere else.  Weather is getting worse--winds are getting stronger coupled with rain.  Most hikers were passing Pinoy Airman today trying to get to Newfound Gap and spend their zero day/s at Gatlinburg.  Gatlinburg is another tourist town similar to Helen, GA.

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