Day 45 (4 May 2013, Saturday) 10.8 Mi_206.8 Mi/Newfound Gap

Nasty weather...howling winds & cold rain creating nasty music
Clingmans Dome in a very cold & windy visitors allowed
One brave soul doing the impossible--jogging
in very cold weather.  His trail name is
"Four Trunks"; completed the AT in the 80s.
Four Trunks took this shot of Pinoy Airman with 
the Clingmans Dome in the background
In the Clingmans Dome with winds gusting at least 70 mph
A squirrel munching some fruit loops at the Mt Collins Shelter
"Godspeed" and "Mountain Mama" with Pinoy Airman.
Trail Angels needed this day...Godsent!
Today was a day of miscues and blessings...Pinoy Airman followed two hikers assuming they were heading to the Clingmans Dome.  However, half-way through, caught up with the two hikers and found out that they were going to the Clingmans Dome parking lot instead.  He had to go back uphill and backed to the AT.  The weather forecast for wind advisory and cold rain was accurate; nasty weather with howling winds of at least 70 mph with cold rain.  All hikers were wet today and therefore, everyone went to Gatlinburg to let the weather have its way. Pinoy Airman's original plan was to remain overnight at Mt Collins shelter but changed his mind and started hiking for the next shelter pass Newfound Gap.  This added two .5 miles/1 mile unofficially to his total miles because he passed-by the shelter.  With all the bad weather happening along the AT comes a trail magic courtesy of angels "Godspeed" and "Mountain Mama".  They offered chips, oranges, and brownies; most important was the ride to Gatlinburg. They helped five hikers:  Harvey and Sue, Gary "Shabby" Lloyd, Loren Haase, and Pinoy Airman.  He will spend a zero day tomorrow at Gatlinburg, TN and re-supply.

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