Day 56 (15 May 2013, Wednesday) 15.4 Mi_300.3 Mi/Jerry's Cabin Shelter

Creek Bald Lookout Tower (4750 Ft ASL); View/Shot
taken from the Big Firescald Knob (4549 Ft ASL) ridgeline
View from the East ridgeline of Big Firescald Knob (4549 Ft ASL)
View from the West ridgeline of Big Firescald Knob (4549 Ft ASL)
Another view...Big Firescald Knob.
Jerry's Cabin Shelter; sleeps six.
This was a strenuous day for Pinoy Airman.  The boulders at the Big Firescald Knob were painful and annoying; he slowly navigated through them but at the end of the day, his knees and heels were tender and aching.  He called me from the top of the ridgeline and skyped; one of the rare occasions, AT&T had 4G signals.  He showed me the view looking to the West (Tennessee) and East (North Carolina) of the ridgeline from his cell phone (Samsung Galaxy Note).  It was a first-rate view similar to the Smokey Mountains from the Clingmans Dome. Pinoy Airman reached the 300-mile marker today.

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