Day 52 (11 May 2013, Saturday) 3.2 Mi_273.9 Mi/Hot Springs, NC

AT Marker at the foot of Deer Park Mountain.
Sumptous lunch of beef brisket, coleslaw,
potato salad, and a bread roll for $8.00...
Cliff with the cooked beef brisket--completed
AT in the 80s.
Static Old Train car in front of the Hot Springs Resort and Spa
Hot Springs Marker 
Shot of the town from North Side, after the tracks
Would you believe this is the City Hall of Hot Springs, NC?
View of Hot Springs from the top of Surpentine Ave.
Pinoy Airman took less than two hours to come down to Hot Springs from Deer Park Mtn Shelter.  He decided to remain overnight at the Laughing Heart Lodge Hostel.  The Hostel was in excellent shape and recommended for any hikers.  One of the best seen by Pinoy Airman in the AT.  After securing a bunk, he went out and toured the town.  Talking about small town USA...Hot Springs, NC is one small town.

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