Day 47 (6 May 2013, Monday) 15.6 Mi_222.4 Mi/Tri-Corner Knob Shelter

Early morning departure for Newfound Gap...
waiting for a ride.
Thomas--Grand Prix Motel Staff...recommended for hikers
Early morning ride for Newfound Gap...nine hikers fit in!
Pinoy Airman in the Tennessee side of the Newfound Gap.
Pinoy Airman in the North Carolina side of the Newfound Gap.
77 year old sectional hiker with 800+ miles on her
book.--name is Mary and trail name "Phoenix".
Marshall and Angela enjoying a nice lunch break from hiking.
One of the nicest couple Pinoy Airman met in the AT.
Allen "Ketsup" Mendoza--proud to have known
this prolific hiker.
Backpack City--yes, the shelter is full!
After the bad weather comes the good weather--totally the opposite.  No hiking issues today; Pinoy Airman had the longest mileage in a day so far--15.6 miles.  Pinoy Airman was proud and amazed of "Phoenix" accomplishment.

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