Day 42 (1 May 2013, Wednesday) 11.0 Mi_176.8 Mi/Mollies Ridge Shelter

Beautiful sunrise at the Fontana Dam before hiking the GSMNP 
Fontana Dam Island
Overlooking at the bottom of the Fontana Dam
The GSMNP marker beginning of the hike...
Pinoy Airman holding his GSMNP permit at the AT mileage marker
Pinoy Airman dropped his GSMNP permit
Pinoy Airman sitting at the boulder jumble, throne-shaped rock
Pinoy Airman's Tent at Mollies Ridge Shelter
Mollies Ridge Shelter
First day of the GSMNP hike.  Pinoy Airman had an excellent hike with the help of good weather.  He fixed his tent in case the shelter gets filled with sectional hikers who have reservations.  The rules state that the shelter must be filled first before any hiker can camp outside.  BTW, the permit scheme was implemented for the first time this year and it costs twenty dollars per hiker.  Another form of revenue making by the federal government, which most hikers believed was unfair and capricious.  Some of the lands at the GSMNP were donated by private citizens with caveat that they are for the people and people should not be charged for using it.

Pinoy Airman thinks he can complete the GSMNP hike within six days.  Let us see what happens...

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