Day 120 (19 July 2013, Friday) 7.6 Mi_416.5 Mi/Dennis Cove Rd, USFS 50 (Kincora Hostel)

Sweetheart last AT pic before going home...
...for 2013 year.

Pinoy Airman last AT pic...for 2013 yr. 

Bob Peoples and Pinoy Airman

Spend the night at Kincora's Tree House

After a night's rest, I am back to my usual self--no effects of yesterday exhaustion.  The plan to see Laurel Falls was nixed; we decided our time would be best used in preparing for our home trip tomorrow.  We invited Bob (Kincora Hostel) to have dinner with us; we ate at Lone Star Steakhouse.  I forgot to take pictures from our dinner and it was already too late when I remembered it.  Overall, our goals for this hike were achieved--add at least 100 miles; have Sweetheart experienced the AT and have fun in the process; and meet some nice people.  The tree house was awesome...we slept well.  (03:59:13)  "One Step, One Mountain, One Day"
Pinoy Airman

Day 119 (18 July 2013, Thursday) 17.7 Mi_408.9 Mi/Mi Marker 408.8 Campsite

Unusual things you'll see in the AT...

Sweetheart at Jones Falls

Pinoy Airman at Jones Falls

Sweetheart cooking our lunch at Jones Falls

We were supposed to spend the night at Vango/Abby Hostel (.6 mile W of the AT), however when we got to the hostel it was closed.  Sweetheart and I decided to proceed to the next shelter (Moreland Gap Shelter) which was less than 20 miles hike starting from the Apple House Campsite.  Unfortunately, before we can reach the shelter exhaustion/dehydration badly affected me--the spirit was excellent but the body was unwilling to continue.  I vomited four times and my body was weak--no more energy.  However, Sweetheart was fine and she would have reached the next shelter.  Today's hike was my longest hike in a day in the AT. Sweetheart was the only bright spot for today's ordeal--she was brave, courageous, and loving.  (08:28:01)  "One Step, One Mountain, One Day"
Pinoy Airman

Day 118 (17 July 2013, Wednesday) 15.4 Mi_391.2 Mi/Apple House Campsite

Sweetheart is taking a break...downhill from Roan Mt
...surrounding views from NW side of Roan Mt

Pinoy Airman...same spot (views from NW side of Roan Mt)

Back view of Roan Mt at Carvers Gap, TN 143

Roan Mt (Northside) from Jane Bald (5794 ft ASL)

Overlooking Roan Mt from Jane Bald

Big Rock slab at Jane Bald...overlooking Roan Mt

View from Jane Bald...overlooking Southeast side.

View of Overmountain Shelter (sleeps 20;
a converted barn) from Little Hump Mountain
(5459 ft ASL)

Taking a breather before climbing Little Hump Mt
(5459 ft ASL) and Hump Mt (5587 ft ASL).

Little Hump Mt and Hump Mt

Hump Mt--it has several false summits

One of the toughest days ever on several fronts!  Our first hiking of more than 15 miles, several TOUGH mountains specifically Hump Mt (kicked our butt), and last, as soon as we got to the campsite (Apple House) it rained hard.  We got drenched and all our stuff was wet--had to set-up the tent in a hurry. The objective for that night was to stay dry inside the tent.  Yesterday's climb (Roan Mt) was hard but today was harder.  We were trying to haul more miles so we can go home a day or two early--ACCOMPLISHED. We will stay at Vango/Abby Memorial Hostel tomorrow and will try to dry our stuff.  (08:35:01)  "One Step, One Mountain, One Day"
Pinoy Airman