Day 119 (18 July 2013, Thursday) 17.7 Mi_408.9 Mi/Mi Marker 408.8 Campsite

Unusual things you'll see in the AT...

Sweetheart at Jones Falls

Pinoy Airman at Jones Falls

Sweetheart cooking our lunch at Jones Falls

We were supposed to spend the night at Vango/Abby Hostel (.6 mile W of the AT), however when we got to the hostel it was closed.  Sweetheart and I decided to proceed to the next shelter (Moreland Gap Shelter) which was less than 20 miles hike starting from the Apple House Campsite.  Unfortunately, before we can reach the shelter exhaustion/dehydration badly affected me--the spirit was excellent but the body was unwilling to continue.  I vomited four times and my body was weak--no more energy.  However, Sweetheart was fine and she would have reached the next shelter.  Today's hike was my longest hike in a day in the AT. Sweetheart was the only bright spot for today's ordeal--she was brave, courageous, and loving.  (08:28:01)  "One Step, One Mountain, One Day"
Pinoy Airman

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