Day 49 (8 May 2013, Wednesday) 10.7 Mi_240.8 Mi/Standing Bear Farm Hostel

Finally, Pinoy Airman out of the Smokeys.  This
is the Southbound GSMNP Hiker permit box
Bill "Glacier" from New Hampshire
Laura Sagurski from Koln, Germany
Pigeon Bridge--shot taken from the North Side
I-40 underpass from the North Side.
Creekside stone marker for the Standing Bear Farm directions
Talking about farm living in the old days--tubs, wash board, and wringer for your clothes.
DNA Paternity Test in the Hiker's Box?
Pinoy Airman washing clothes the old way.
Nice flower pot or flower shoes... 
Pinoy Airman at the Standing Bear Farm sign. 
Standing Bear Farm Bunkhouse
Heater inside the bunkhouse powered by firewood 
Pinoy Airman survived the Great Smokeys.  The weather was not nice today--it was raining all morning.  The backpack was wet but the clothes were all dry because of Ziplocs and trash bag inside the pack.  Standing Bear Farm provided re-supply items and opportunity to wash clothes.  The Hostel would have been perfect with its old items but there was no cell phone and Wi-Fi signal.  However, its uniqueness made up for what it was lacking in sophistication.  Pinoy Airman was grateful.


  1. Pinoy, I like your blog and photos. Hope you are recovering. I too have left the trail. I am glad I got to know you some and enjoyed those days hiking with you and hanging out in Gatlinburg. Best wishes, Gary, Shabby

  2. Thanks Shabby! Have you seen your pics and Loren on Zero Day (5 May); it is between Day 45 and Day 47. Anyhow, Liza and I will be back in the trail after 4th of Jul; we hope we can put more than a hundred mile before school starts.