Zero Day (8 April 2013, Monday) 00.0 Mi_109.8 Mi/Franklin, NC

Pinoy Airman was dedicating the next two days of hiking for SPC Mike Lowery (US Army credited with a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan), who passed away in Manhattan, KS last week.  He was Chris friend in the Army and they were both in Iraq at the same time.  Chris will provide Pinoy Airman with some details later.

Pinoy Airman also dedicating the next two days for Lewkas, Richard Virata's grandson.  Richard is our friend way back when they were stationed in Naples, IT and we were at Ramstein, GE.  Lewkas died of brain steam tumor and he was only four years old.

Mike and Lewkas will be in Pinoy Airman’s thoughts and prayers in the next two days during his hike.  Please include them in your prayers.

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