Day 15 (4 April 2013, Thursday) 4.9 Mi_86.3 Mi/Standing Indian Shelter

Can you imagine putting 11 hikers in a shelter that sleeps eight?
Setting up tents inside the shelter...
It was cold.  Freezing rain turns to ice;
dropping them on the roof.  BANG!

It was cold; whole body was shivering and Pinoy Airman was experiencing body cramps.  His fingers and toes were painful.  He was pushing to the next shelter but the ice storm abruptly stopped that plan. Pinoy Airman had to take sanctuary at the Standing Indian Shelter.  One of the big tree trunks dropped literally feet in front of him; luckily, he was not hurt.  Now, Pinoy Airman had experienced snowstorm and ice storm...he was wondering what would be the next weather challenge for Pinoy Airman?

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