Day 23 (12 April 2013, Friday) 9.1 Mi_153.1 Mi/Brown Fork Gap Shelter

Bill ("L Dog") is all smile...about what?
...that's Jeff Schneider getting ready for the morning hike.
US Geological Survey marker at Campsite at top of Cheoah Bald (5062 ft ASL)
...foggy in the morning; Sun always comes out will be a nice day.
Brown Fork Gap Shelter--sleeps 6
Another punishing day because of Jacob's ladder they should have renamed it "Jacob's Hell' for its steepness and long climb in a .6 mile stretch.  Met Bill ("L dog"), US Navy Retiree with 23 years of service; he completed High School in Subic Bay and was stationed there as an Active Duty sailor.  Pinoy Airman keeps bumping into Jeff was a nice reunion of sort (re: Terry/Waldo).

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