Day 22 (11 April 2013, Thursday) 12.6 Mi_144.0 Mi/Sassafras Gap Shelter

Another Sunrise at the Appalachian Trail...early morning walk. is MAGNIFICENT!
...from Wesser Bald Shelter to Sassafras Gap Shelter
...slowly but surely coming out.
...just want to put this out there.  This is from the same Sunrise sequence
You will see these signs along NC trail...I'm heading "N"...
The first railroad track North-bounders meet in the Appalachian Trail (AT)
...railroad track is in the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) campground in North Carolina
Forest Ranger Wade Sutton marker:  He gave his life fighting fires in this neck of the wood.   THANK YOU for your service Ranger Sutton!
NOC below--view from 133.0 mile marker...
Another view from 4000 ft ASL--mile marker 133.0
After a nice descent from 4945 ft above sea level (ASL) and reaching Nantahala Outdoor Center in record time--my record time LOL--, the hike was punishing.  It was more than three hours of ever winding climbing--the hike would make you feel it will never end.  This time Pinoy Airman can surely tell the forest, the birds, the mountains were whispering and telling him all sorts of things, like, how his sleep was last night and does he like the trail.  NAH!  Probably, these were the effects of hiking solo a three hour never ending climb...for whatever it is worth PINOY AIRMAN is sane.

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