Day 17 (6 April 2013, Saturday) 8.6 Mi_102.5 Mi/Long Branch Shelter

Beautiful morning...
You will see trail of bushes after Albert Mountain
The First Rock of Albert Mountain
View from the top of Albert Mountain
Another View from the top of Albert Mountain
Seal of the Department of Agriculture--embossed  on top of Albert Mountain
Observation Tower at Albert Mountain
Brand New Long Branch Shelter built in 2012
Another beautiful morning...
Please do not climb Albert Mountain from the Southern side because it is dangerous; if Pinoy Airman had known there was a blue blazed trail from the Northern side he would have not climb it from the Southern side.  Aside from being steep, it was also dangerous and one mistake can cause your life--literally.  Long Branch shelter was gorgeous and it sleeps at least 14 hikers.  BTW, it was all worth it because Pinoy Airman accomplished his first 100 mile-hike.

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