On behalf of my husband, sincerely we would like to “THANK” our friends and families who have contributed their funds to the USO and ARC.  We would like to share some STATS since we started “Friends of Santos Family” campaign on 21 March 2013:

- Reached 130 Fam/Friends FB accounts through personal messages; 17 responded with a pledge & seven donated (two were outsiders).  The rest did not read the message or chose not to respond.

Collected $600 for United Service Organizations (USO) and $245 for the American Red Cross as of 28 April 2013

We do not have visibility on the Philippine National Red Cross data; all we know is one person donated to PNRC so far.  Thank you CORA!

According to Khris, “patience is a virtue”.  He remembered his stint as the 352D SOG CFC Coordinator where he spearheaded the Combined Federal Campaign for the Special Operations Group (SOG)—it was a record year for the SOG donations by a mile.  He worked hard and was very patient.  He too believed that his “Friends of Santos Family” campaign would catch up some steam.

$5000.00 is Khris’ goal for both charitable organizations; please help us make this a reality for Khris—let us help our Armed Forces personnel by donating to the USO and ARC.  BTW, my PMs are not spam they are my personal message to each Fam/Friends.  Thank you ALL for the donations and support for Khris!  Godspeed--Liza

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