Zero Day (14 April 2013, Sunday) 00.0 Mi_158.4 Mi/Daytona Beach, FL

She is happy to see Pinoy Airman.  EJ's 19th Birthday at Chilis...
The food poisoning killed Pinoy Airman's completion of the Smokies for this week.  However, he was grateful that he had the opportunity to see Liza and attended EJ's birthday--everything happens for the best.  He was exhausted and lost 26 lbs in a span of less than four weeks.  He weighed 176 lbs today and 202 lbs when he left on 20 March 2013.  His feet were swollen and painful...time for recovery and rest.  However, he insisted continuing on his quest as early as possible.  We advised him to take a rest until his feet have recovered and the swelling subsided...we will see.

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