Day 24 (13 April 2013, Saturday) 5.3 Mi_158.4 Mi/Yellow Creek Mtn Road, NC

Can you find the snake?
Jelleboo "Scorpion King" Ntje:  22 yr old Dutch hiking the AT
Harrison was a blessing...he is a local from Robbinsville, NC 
The plan was to spend the night at Fontana Village and press on to the Smokies on Sunday.  Unfortunately, Pinoy Airman suffered food poisoning last night; all his energy sapped from his body--vomiting all night.   Liza drove 9-hours to fetch Pinoy Airman.  He still managed to walk 5.3 miles but it took him more than six hours; he was literally resting every 10 steps.  Harrison provided Pinoy Airman a ride to Robbinsville, NC--about 20 miles from the AT road access.  If not for this ride, Liza would have a hard time looking for him at the Yellow Creek Rd.  Pinoy Airman decided to take R&R days in addition to zero-day tomorrow to get some healing.  His feet were keep acting up and blisters forming all over.  

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