SPC Michael Lowery Day

April 9 and 10 walk were dedicated to SPC Michael Lowery, born 30 May 1990, died 07 April 2013 and "Lewkas" (Richard's Grandson).

SPC Lowery was in the Wolverine Battalion (4-1 BSTB, brigade special troops battalion) 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division at Ft. Riley, KS.  Mike was an Army Combat Engineer (12B) in Iraq/Afghanistan and his job was to clear the roads of IED's (route clearances).

"Lewkas" was the grandson of our dear friend, Richard Virata, who joined his creator yesterday morning. He was only four years old and he died of brain tumor.

Both were young and full of life...Rest in Peace.  No problems no more...GODSPEED!  Please pray for their souls....

SPC Lowery's pics were provided by Chris.

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