Day 117 (16 July 2013, Tuesday) 9.5 Mi_375.8 Mi/Roan Knob Shelter

EXHAUSTED!  ...after reaching
Top of Roan Mountain (6212 ft ASL)

Pinoy Airman at 6212 ft ASL (Roan Mt)

BJ and grandaughter, Destiny

Would you believe?  A Chimney in Roan Mt
...whatever is left of it.

Roan Knob Shelter (sleeps 15) -- Highest shelter on AT

Sweetheart was tested on her hiking skills today--she not only passed the test but also was courageous and brave; hike was punishing.  I could not ask for any hiking buddy than her.  It all made our AT hiking efforts easy and fun.  BJ was an AF Veteran who loved her country and the Air Force.  She was a Surgery Technician in the AF.  We met her and Destiny (granddaughter) in the Toll House of Roan Mountain.  We will start increasing our hiking miles tomorrow...finishing our plan 14-day hike in a quick fashion.  If our plan materializes, hiking days should decrease to 12 days.  (05:47:01)  "One Step, One Mountain, One Day"
Pinoy Airman

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