Day 113 (12 July 2013, Friday) 5.8 Mi_341.5 Mi/Uncle Johnny's Hostel (Erwin, TN)

Wild Blackberries...@downhill to Erwin, TN

Sweetheart harvesting some wild blackberries...

...Pinoy Airman doing the same thing.

Small blackberries...most have been harvested
by the AT hikers; most probably a month ago.

Sweetheart showing Ratatouille nibbled part
of her pants last night (No Business Knob)

Pic with Itsy Bitsy Spider (AT '74) and Helga;
both AT maintainers.  Had fun hiking with them,
while doing some trail maintenance chores

View of the Nolichucky River (Erwin, TN)
Thanks Dr. Craig (Itsy Bitsy Spider)!

Last view of Erwin, TN from the Mountain Top

Retiring?  Yes; its been more than 15 years of service.
We bought this "Raichle" shoes in Switzerland.

In front of Uncle Johnny's Hostel...after biking
total of 8 miles (to/from) to buy shoes at Wal-Mart 

...same.  Erwin, TN has an excellent Bike
route:  SAFE...

Uncle Johnny

Pic with "Country Gold" (AT '10)

Country Gold and "Sarge"

We were glad there were hostels along the AT.  Uncle Johnny's Hostel was a welcome relief after three days of hiking.  Who is complaining?  Nah, we were not complaining.  It was a nice experience to get to the downtown area, biked to Wal-Mart to buy a pair of shoes and got back to the hostel.  This was at least an 8-mile biking trail after hiking in the morning.  Sweetheart's Raichle shoes have been retired; cannot be fixed according to "Baker Shoe Repair".  If we had known Raichle could not be fixed, we would not take the bike and just get a ride to Wal-Mart. No regrets though....  (03:14:20)
Pinoy Airman

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