Day 116 (15 July 2013, Monday) 7.3 Mi_366.3 Mi/Greasy Creek Hostel

One of several mountain scenic views

Golden Ragwort - Small flower with yellow
center & small floppy petals.  "Field Flower"
that can create a sea of yellow.  (Trail Guide)

Jason and Pinoy Airman--we met him
at Uncle Johnny's Hostel & in the AT...
...he is a SOBO and sectional hiker.

Greasy Creek Hostel -- Bunk beds inside

Double Cheeseburgers from Mountain Grill

Sweetheart and CeCe

Sweetheart and I had a good night sleep and well rested--READY for another good days hike! It was a beautiful day and we stayed at Greasy Creek Hostel.  The Hostel is highly recommended.  However, we have to go out of our way to find it...really go out of our way (at least .6 mile one way and we have to use lots of instincts to find the place; pls don't doubt yourself when looking for the hostel).  CeCe and Phillip more than made up for the distance for their hospitality.  We ordered couple of double cheeseburgers from Mountain Grill for our dinner; Phillip and CeCe provided us a ride.  The cheeseburgers were huge and for its price, it was a find.  We ate dinner leftovers for breakfast the following morning.  We also had one banana milkshake.  (04:10:51) "One Step, One Mountain, One Day"
Pinoy Airman

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