Day 114 (13 July 2013, Saturday) 8.8 Mi_350.3 Mi/Indian Grave Gap, TN 395

Come across 2nd AT railroad track @ Erwin, TN...

...Sweetheart's 1st AT railroad track. 

"Max" the Turtle--one of many "cute" pics in the AT

Curley Maple Gap Shelter (sleeps 14)
Mama San & Energizer Bunny w/ their kids--
sectional hikers from Elizabethton, TN

One of the trees blocking our way; numerous
obstacles along the trail particularly after a storm...

Our inexpensive tent
Camp at Indian Grave Gap

It was an excellent hike from Uncle Johnny's Hostel to Indian Grave Gap.  We were supposed to stay at Curley Maple Gap Shelter; due to early arrival, we decided to move on and camp at Indian Grave Gap. Water source was down the road (TN 395) outside the curve--had to go over the steel protective barricade along the curve road.  We had a fire last night and Sweetheart was concerned that the fire might spread.  Eventually, her fears subsided because it rained a little bit and killed the fire.  We planned to remain overnight at Cherry Gap Shelter the next day.  (04:59:49)
Pinoy Airman

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