Day 111 (10 July 2013, Wednesday) 7.7 Mi_325.1 Mi/Bald Mountain Shelter

Sweetheart is tired; her first day of hiking

On top of Big Bald (5516 Ft ASL)

Diamond Doug--Trail Maintainer/AT Hiker

Bald Mountain Shelter sleeps 10

Sweetheart's first day of hiking ever.  Bob dropped us at Sams Gap and we remained overnight at Bald Mountain Shelter.  We were rained while hiking and we were soaked.  Even though the ground was wet due to rain, which occurs almost daily, we were able to start a fire at the shelter.  We had fire almost the whole night and it rained the whole night.  The rain stopped the following morning.  It was an uneventful first day/night except for the rain.  (05:37:41)
Pinoy Airman

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