Day 115 (14 July 2013, Sunday) 8.7 Mi_359.0 Mi/Cherry Gap Shelter

One of the power lines along the AT...

Drying out some items...
...drenched from the rain today!

Cherry Gap Shelter (sleeps 6)
Notice the clothesline?

Just thinking tomorrow's walk...
will make you???  Long deep thoughts...

It was lousy today!  We got drenched, really wet, with rain today.  It was not fun walking while the rain was keep on pouring hard. As soon as we reached the shelter, we changed clothes and put all wet items to dry--lucky for us the sun came out that afternoon.  Sweetheart was fast and we reached the shelter about an hour early.  We will stay at the Greasy Creek hostel tomorrow--it is .6 mile out of the AT trail.  This will provide us a chance to wash our clothes and get dry. Hopefully, the hostel is not that hard to find...we will see.  (04:57:30)
Pinoy Airman

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