Day 112 (11 July 2013, Thursday) 10.6 Mi_335.7 Mi/No Business Knob Shelter

One of the several flowers in the AT
Do you like it?

Resting for a little bit...half-way to the shelter

"No Business Knob" shelter
We're trying to dry some of our clothes...

Sweetheart's 2nd day of hiking.  Still adjusting well to the difficulties ("ups and downs"), literally, of hiking.  We were not drenched today but it rained during the night.  Couples of muscle and heels/feet pains issues while were walking.  Great decision to get water prior to arriving in the shelter because there were no services at the shelter.  We will stay at Uncle Johnny's Hostel (Erwin, TN) tomorrow.  (07:25:14)
Pinoy Airman

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