Friends of Santos Family

Here is where it all starts, Springer Mountain, Georgia. A 2,200 mile journey that my husband, (retired Air Force) SMSgt. Crispino A. Santos started March 21, 2013. Something that made it onto his bucket list but a few years ago, completing the entire Appalachian Trail is something he wants to dedicate to the heroes of the Armed Forces of the United States. Being a retired member of the Armed Forces, he is very thankful for everything the Air Force has done for him. He wanted to give his hike purpose and thought dedicating the hike to these selfless individuals would do the trick. He wants to give back to the USO and the American Red Cross because of all the services that was provided for him during his 26 years in the service. These two organizations not only took care of him, but also his family over the years. You can donate to the organization of your choice in honor of his name.

Friends and family who are in the Philippines, you can do the same by donating to the Philippine Red Cross.

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