Day 8 (28 March 2013, Thursday) 11.5 Mi_43.2 Mil/Low Gap Shelter

Pic with the "Pirate"; he is a living legend among hikers.  He thru-hiked the AT 10X; was featured in several national papers and magazines.  He gave me the trail name "Wi-Fi"; but I still want Pinoy Airman.
This was my bunk at Walisi-Yi Inn for one night
It was cold that morning; mountain spring water frozen...
Its time for dinner at Low Gap Shelter.  Can you see the stove/burner?
Trail Angels King Tut and Jim with Pinoy Airman
Trail magic provided hikers some unexpected relief from good-natured souls.  Pinoy Airman was wet from sweats and he needed to dry his fleece jacket and long sleeve dri-fit--it was cold but he had to endure it or get sick.

This one was for the record--11.5 miles was long. He hiked for at least eight hours with 30 lbs bag on his back climbing mountains and walking through boulders.  One-foot landing error and you will be out with an injury.  There were couple of missed calls on his feet but none serious--STILL ALIVE. When hiking was over for the day, muscles and joints were aching.  Just thinking you will start all over again the next day was always a mental battle.  Pinoy Airman just take it one day a time; no need to plan one week in advance.

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