Day 7 (27 March 2013, Wednesday) 10.6 Mi_31.7 Mi/Neel Gap

...w/ Stayin Alive before hiking 10.6 miles
...look at the antique stuff at the back.
View from the Blood Mountain...
Another view from the Blood Mtn--West side
East side of the Blood Mtn...
Blood Mountain Shelter

...almost complete; going down from the Blood Mtn
The Hostel at Neel Gap--overnight stay.
Blood Mountain Historical Fact/Marker
This was the first time Pinoy Airman hiked more than 10 miles.  Exhausted and tired; all joints and muscles were aching.  It was a long climb to Blood Mountain and coming down was not an easy task either.  For second day in a row, he had to mail 16 lbs of unneeded items back; his backpack finally weighed less than 30 lbs. He will try to surpass 10 miles on day 8.


  1. Why'd they call it "Blood Mountain?"

    1. Cuz--"...Blood mountain is the highest peak in the Georgia Appalachians, connects to the Appalachian Trail, and is rumored to be called Blood Mountain due to a very bloody battle fought there between the Creek and Cherokee Indians." Ref:

      I hope this explains it a little bit...there are more stories but I think this is the more logical explanation.